About me

In 2015 I graduated from Nottingham Trent University after spending the best 3 years of my life there, studying Business Management Accounting & Finance (and of course partying a lot...). I began my career after summer that year joining a graduate scheme in the energy industry, which has driven my passion for sustainability, renewable energy and transitioning to a net zero world. At the start of 2019 I became a professionally qualified chartered accountant after passing my CIMA qualification. Out of work I enjoy fitness (over 11 years of training), self development and I also dabble in social media (find me on Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn).

What I'm working on...

  1. I'm an 'accountant'... a real one not a tik tok accountant! I am currently trying to steer my career down the route of renewable energy, technology innovation and helping transition the UK to Net Zero.
  2. I'm big into fitness and have become a brand ambassador for Protein World alongside having filmed brand content and campaigns for them over the last year... use my code 'DEANO' for discount if you want some supplements!
  3. I have been a part of a new reality TV series which will be appearing on a screen near you in early 2022... keep your eyes peeled! I am looking to gain more TV exposure and experience in front of the camera, so we will see what the future holds.
  4. I have written a book on how we can act to reduce are carbon footprint and help contribute to a sustainable future. I will be looking to publish this and more via e-books.
  5. I am starting this website as part of my personal development journey to get over my self doubts and limiting beliefs. So that I can in fact 'put myself out there more'. I want to document the elements in my life as a young adult in a scary world, which others will be going through, can relate to and connect with people in similar positions.
  6. I will be writing articles (and posting YouTube videos) on areas such as the 'struggles and what comes with being a young adult', 'having a working life/career', 'fitness journey', 'discussing world issues', 'being more environmentally friendly' and 'self development tips' which i have picked up over the years or am currently doing.

Other interesting things about me...

At the start of 2021 I was signed by Webbe Industries who act as my management agency. I am looking to progress my online presence so look forward to working with the team over the next year!

I have recently bought and moved into my first house! As a young adult being thrown into the big world and trying to stay afloat, I hope to offer some reassurance (and maybe some advice) to others that its okay to not be 'a very good adult'.

I am keen investor and an aspiring to be in real estate very soon. I have investments in shares, ETFs, Cryptocurrency as well as will be entering the buy-to-let market next year. I will be sharing my journey through these articles and YouTube videos.

I am allergic to gluten so no one send me cookies, cakes or beer for christmas presents... I do like chocolate so feel free to send me that!

Get in touch: Drop me a quick DM on instagram if you are interested in anything i've spoken about or want to put forward something you'd like me to talk about. Don't forget to to sign up to my email listing for newsletters and a more likely chance of a reply... (my socials DM's can sometimes get a bit full ;) )