Find your passion (how do you find it?)

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I hear this term a lot. ‘Find your passion’, or ‘I’m lucky my passion is my job’, or even, ‘Just find your passion and you’ll never work a day in your life’. Right. Okay. Great. So, what is my passion? ❣️

As a kid I could name 100 things I was passionate about. Cricket, Football, Xbox, trading cards, WWE Wrestling and much more. Anything I seemed to enjoy I’d call my passion. 🎮

However, when I hear the above about ‘find your passion’, it feels in the context of a job. Earning money. Building a career. I mean… I’ve been caught in a pair of lycra short shorts a few times in my life, but I don’t think choke-slamming The Rock to become WWE Champ will be my next career move. 🤼

I originally had limiting thoughts such as ‘I don’t know my passion’ or even ‘I don’t have a passion’, but of course I do. We all do. And we all know we have a passion.

What do we do every day? What do we talk to our friends about? What YouTube videos about? What news stories are we interested in about? What books do we read? What people do we follow on Instagram and why? 📕

For me? Every day I work out at the gym. Every day I scroll BBC News and read up on the latest Climate Change updates. Every day I cook healthy meals. Every week I go out with my friends at the weekend. My passion is what I’ve chosen to spend most of my day doing, watching or talking about. Why else would we choose to spend our precious time doing them? 📰

Like most people’s passions, they develop over time. I became passionate about climate change when I started my job in the energy industry. I became passionate about fitness when I decided to join the gym to lose weight at a kid. My passions change and I often think will these be my passions 5, 10, 20 years from now? 🕰

My problem when I hear, ‘find your passion’, is that it implies it is singular. You can only have one. That it is fixed. That finding this passion is the golden ticket to happiness and fulfilment. ⚽️

To me, being told we must find our passion adds a lot of pressure. Pressure to find whatever this passion is and as fast as possible. Then commit to building a career, business or lifestyle around it. 💼

I often feel that because I’ve always lived in the same city, had the same job, gone to the same gym, had the same group of close friends (who I love and are my biggest flex by the way), I haven’t expanded my potential reach for finding new passions. 🏠

Trip to Budapest with some of the boys 

I’m envious of people who have travelled, then come back with a passion for dance after living in South America and learning Salsa. Or a passion for rock climbing after living in another city and joining a gym that offered climbing classes with new people with those interests. 💃🏻

So, I’m aware I have a passion. But have I found THE passion yet? Who knows?

However, asking my parents, strangers, or even you reading this, ‘how did you find your passion and how do I find mine?’. Well, that’s a f*cking pointless exercise. If I have no idea how is someone else going to know what I’m going to enjoy and pursue for the rest of my life, ey?! 🤷🏻‍♀‍

The only way you can do that is by finding out yourself. Try new things. Visit new places. Experience different cultures. Meet new people. 🌏

Guest appearance on The Waffle Shop Podcast last year was great fun! 

So, I’ve decided in 2022 I’m going to try and find passions. Not pressure to find ‘my passion’. But plural – passions. I want to explore more, learn more, experience more and add more to my list of things I enjoy. 🧗🏾

Of course, I’m not going to enjoy everything. I don’t expect to. But it helps me cross things off the list and could at least be a good story when I tell friends how crap I was at gymnastics or ball room dancing. Or who knows what I’ll try! 🤸🏽‍♀‍

What I don’t want to do is not do things because of one of these reasons. Will it make me money? Could I get a career out of it? Will people judge me for it? Will friends think I’m embarrassing? I’m at that age where I don’t give a f*ck if I’m honest. ♟

I want to see ‘finding my passion’ as a journey and not the destination. The process and not the outcome. The fun should be in the finding and not the expectation what it means for my life. 💡

Currently I’m really enjoying self-development. I’m reading more, learning more and finding out who I am as a person. It’s led me to start this blog, begin a YouTube and connect more with like-minded people. And this is all down to new inspiring people I’ve met, willingness to try new things and really enjoying the process. 📚

Who knows, off the back of it, maybe writing, or public speaking or potentially 10 other things may be my new passion I wish to pursue later down the line…

I don’t think the problem is the passion. It’s the pressures we put on what that passion means for us. Live, learn, laugh, love and enjoy the journey. 🚀

Alex Dean

Alex Dean